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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A story of a boy who became a man.

Posted on 4:37 PM by Ghuroba'

Assalamu'alaikum semua,cerita ni berdasarkan cerita yg benar-benar berlaku. Cerita ini mengisahkan pengalaman hidup seorang lelaki yg mana pada mulanya beliau merupakan average teenager yg suka ber-enjoy dan berfoya-foya, akhirnya bertaubat dan mula mengenali da'wah islamiyah. Wallahu'alam.

Enjoy the story:
It was around ten in the morning, he got up and brushed his teeth. He cleaned himself and started to perform his wudhu for morning prayer. It's not that he did not know what time it was, in fact, he noticed that he was extremely late doing subuh prayer at ten o'clock in the morning. In deed it was late, it was as if he deliberately ignored the call of Azan. How sad it was if his parents sees this. He finished his prayer and set off to attend for a lecture class on Vehicle Dynamic.

There he sat at the back of the lecture room with his friends. He sat paying attention towards the lecture.

Two hours passed by, it was lunch time. He had lunch with his friends and headed straight to the hostel as there were no lecture classes in the afternoon. So, in his room, he headed straight to bed and went to sleep. Dreaming the endless dreams.

When he woke up, it was already ten minutes before it was time for Asar. He hurried to perform his Zuhur prayer. That was close, he thought. By the time he finished his prayer, the Azan was called on for Asar prayer. His habbits of delaying his daily prayers 5 times a day was already in his blood. He coudn't break it. He kept on with these habbits.

It was dusk, the sun had set. The Azan which indicates it was time for prayer have been called. He prayed alone in his room. 30 minutes after he finished, a group of people with turbans and kufi came into his room. They gave salam and asked his name. He knows, these were those people whom, to him were the religious people trying to attrack him into attending a brief islamic lecture at the mosque.

They asked his name. Why should I give them my real name, I'm not interested in whatever their trying to take me to, he thought. Think I'll just give them a fake name, he thought again. "Salman," he said to those people.

He actually hated going to islamic lectures or whatever programs that have to do with religious, though he called himself a muslim. He prayed five times a day, never skipped the Friday prayer. When fasting, he did it properly. But despite all that he never did have any interests in such activities. To him, those activities is a waste of time, and that he would rather focus in his academics achievements.

His habits went on and on for several years. Late at night he would go out with his friends to enjoy the night at the town centre. This was his life since he entered UTeM in his first year. He enjoyed it very well, wasting most of his time. Sometimes he doesn't even realize that he was sinning in some way by not lowering his vision.
Yes, this was his life and he was enjoying every bit of it.


p/s: maaflah aku terpaksa berhenti takat sini je. kalau nak bubuh semua skali takut panjang sgt plak, jadi aku terpaksa potong2 sket kpd beberapa part.

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