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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life's Challenges

Assalamualaikum to all readers out there. Those who seek guidance from the only one Allah the almighty, King of kings, Lord of all. Those who are in His mercy, and everyone who's even bothered to read my blog. I pray only to Him that He will grant his guidance to you all.

Amma ba'd,
It's been 3 (three) weeks since I've been in training at TM. Three weeks and it felt like only a few days. All kinds of people I've met, and seen. Some are kind of religious, but still having trouble letting go of jahiliyah.
Some are completely immersed in it. Some are trying to find strength and motivation to "henshin" (transform) themselves to be more pious (credit to Cik Liz, our trainer who is trying to gain strength in an attempt to cover her hair; I pray that you will have the strength to do so). Some are just as hard as a rock.

My previous murobbi mr Rans, was right all along. I'm facing a whole new challenge here. Where, tarbiyah is at its new different level. Tarbiyah here is all about survival. Now I've establish a new ground, I'm like a pioneer here. O' Allah, I ask Your help, so that You are always with me in whatever situation.

Not only my challenges are in my career right now, I'm also about to become a husband. In order to get married, the tedious procedures I had to go through, I read many times but still find it confusing. I ended up consulting with a friend of mine on the matter (of course he's already married). The challenge are tough. I just hope that these challenges brings me closer to Him and STAY in tarbiyah. O' Allah, I need strength, I need You more than ever.

Don't just say

Don't just: Earth Hour 2012 is happening on 31 March 2012, at 8.30 - 9.30pm. Let's all make a pledge to support this event!