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Friday, August 10, 2012

LasT NigHt

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(gambar hiasan)

Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters.
All those who supported me.
Alhamdulillah I thank Allah the almighty for once again giving me the strength to continue writing on this old-and-dusty blog. It's been a quite some time I haven't updated this humble blog of mine. Could it be because I'm just too lazy to write or I just couldn't be bothered to do so?

Yeah that could be it. I was moved by what Hassan al-Banna said when somebody suggested him take his career into writing. He said something like "there are too many books already. Now, we are engraving the people with Islamic values".. Though my quote is not 100% accurate, but that is what motivates me NOT to update my blog. I thought rather than sitting in front of my laptop for hours typing out my ideas regardless of anyone bothered to read it or not, why not share these ideas with the people around me?

Yes I admit that I am an "usrah" person and I'm a tarbiyah + da'wa lover. I follow "usrah" and I also conducted "usrah", but that shouldn't have been the excuse for me to stop writing shouldn;t it? Maybe I am just too lazy to do it. Haha. There, I admit it.

Should've been prepared for what's coming, I mean, as an understanding muslim (I hope I am), I should've kept in mind that I have more responsibilities than time. Hmm, should've taken note.

Anyway, now that I'm back, just a little sharing from me shouldn't do any harm would it?
By the way, from the topic, its just a little story of last night. What happened last night?
Anything big? You found the night of al-Qadr? Wow, what's it like?

Take it easy dude!!
No, iTs not the because I found the night of a thousand months. Nope, not at all (like I know what its like, but insyaallah I will find it, amin).

What I'm about to share is just a dream I had while asleep. Maybe just a brief one.

(gambar hiasan)

Yup, its what is in that photo above, I saw this magnificent guy inside my dream, hovering in mid air looking down. This beautiful hawk-eagle was hovering and I was really close to him. When he saw me he came down and stood right in front of me, looking at me. It was as if the bird is begging from me, maybe for some food.

It was the most beautiful dream I've ever had. I know how I admire these birds of prey, but would never thought they'd appear in my dream.
And that was all, I suddenly woke up, and it was 4.00 am. Time to get up, make tahajjud + witr, and eat my Suhr.

(gambar hiasan)

The thing is, I remembered that dream which rarely happens. I usually forget my dreams and don't pay much attention to them. It'd cool if it was real. Yeah, OK get the focus off the story details and we might learn something from that awsome dream of mine.

The thing somehow I was able to grab some ibrah (values) from that dream. It makes me think of how my brothers in need around the world, focus on Palestine, Syria, and Burma, and yet I only watched them suffer without even trying to give something. Yes, for all this while, I never did gave anything to them but my tears. What good my tears be for them? I wanted to give more. Yes I wanted to make infaq. I know that in some of what I have is their share, their rights too. How could I be ignoring this? oh Allah, forgive me.

Next we know how magnificent eagles are and we tend to fantasize them as kings of the sky, soaring up rally high. But then, the "king of the sky" can be tamed and used as a tool, to work for a creation, not the creator. Yes, ever heard of falconry? It's a sport where falconers (the person who train/tame eagles, hawks or falcons) train the birds to hunt for them. It reminds me of how we, the muslim ummah used to be, we ruled the world. We were free from slavery amongst ourselves, where we put ourselves just to serve Allah and Allah alone. We were very durable, we were not just feared, but respected. The non-beleivers trusted us, loved us.

But now, we are weak, vulnerable and tamed by them. A lion who became a sheep. A hawk who became a parrot. We do everything they (kuffar) say and we say what they want us to say. We became materialistic, far from the Quran n Sunnah, far from the values of Islam, far from Allah.

I t makes me ponder, how long do have to be like this? How many more muslim must be killed? How many more muslim youth being spoiled and corrupted by the jahiliyyah and Thoghut? Are we just going to sit around with crossed arms and legs?

Are we just going to curse the evil without promoting Islamic virtues? We curse the kuffar and those who don't undestand Islam but yet we didn't realize that THEY ARE IN NEED OF US!

Think about it..
We want the world to be a better place don't we?
Think and ponder my friend, think and ponder.
Wallahu'alam. He knows best. 

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