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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Story of a boy who became a man (part 2..)

Posted on 1:16 PM by Ghuroba'

Assalamualaikum semua..kita jumpa lagi dalam blog yg tak seberapa ni. Ok la, malas nak ckp banyak, jom sambung balik cerita yg lepas...

It was his sixth semester in UTeM, and he's undergoing his industrial training. He was a bit jealous of his friends as they did their training at prestigious corporations such as Toyota, or Perodua while he is doing his training at a local laboratory where he did not do much. This isn't fair, I sent my CV months earlier than these people did and I didn't get any placements, he thought. He did not like it in there, as he had not much to learn, plus he did not get any allowance like the rest did.

At that facility, he sometimes had to deal with unacceptable punishments from his supervisor. He had to take blames on matters that was not supposed to be his fault. He was very frustrated, and sometimes even felt like giving up the training. Whenever his supervisor finished scolding him, he would show some anger reactions. At lunch break, he would smoke 3 cigarettes just to make relief of his headaches.

He felt a big regret and thought that he couldn't wait until it was all over. He sometimes went home cursing his supervisor all the way for, sometimes his supervisor becomes unreasonable. He was regretful, even felt hopeless. Sometimes he even blamed God for his conditions. In fact, he did not realized how fortunate he was to undergo his training there. He did not realize that how useful it will be in the future.

As he got home, he would perform his Asar prayer at the very last minute. Just minutes before it was time for Maghrib. When he finished, he waited for the Azan to be called out.

Maghrib pasts, and he had done his prayer. He did not think much as he went straight to bed. Screw Isyak, he thought. I'm all worn out if it wasn't for that supervisor of mine, he thought again cursing his supervisor. He sent text messages to his girlfriend abroad, telling her everything happening that day. His girlfriend told him to be patient, and it will all soon be over. Then, everything was quiet. He fell asleep.

That was another phase of what that boy had went through his life in UTeM. He did not realize all the sins he had done. He did not even realized that he was caught in one of Satan's trap. Yet, never did he repent nor seek strength from God. Instead, he kept blaming God for letting him suffer. How ignorant he was that time. How ignorant.
All he seeks in his life was and have always been endless entertainment, regardless of the halals and harams.


It was his final year at UTeM. Everything he did had to be swift and perfect. He is now attempting to finish his final year project as he was one semester away from his graduation. Or at least, that's what he thought. Still in his behaviour in seeking entertainment, wasting his time like usual. Exchanging text messages with his girlfriend frequently.

It was already the fasting month of Ramadhan. The dateline for his project submission is just around the corner. Still, he did not finish his project. He panicked, for he has forgotten that even if he had done something, he did not ask God's help. He told his lecturer "Sir, I want to bail this project. I don't think I can finish it on time. I'm having a lot of trouble just trying to understand the topic," and so he did.

He decided to bail on his project because he had too much trouble trying to figure out the problem. He also thought that he did not have the knowledge related to that topic, and so, he decided its best that he bailed. Instead, he wanted to propose his own topic the next semester.


It was now the first day of Syawal, where it calls for a celebration. He celebrated that day as usual from the previous years. Visiting his relatives. At that time, he suddenly received a text message from his girlfriend.
"Forgive me love, but I think that it's best if we break up," the text read.
"Why? What's up? What did I do wrong?" he replied.
"It's not you. It's me, I'm pregnant with somebody else's baby. I'm sorry I've cheated you all this while" his girlfriend said.

He was shocked. He felt a heart-stopping pain. He almost fainted that time. He felt that way for almost a week when he knew that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. He felt this way because, he never met his girlfriend in person before. He never did anything, but suddenly she confessed.

After that incident,still he did not repent. Instead, he kept attempting to find a replacement for her. He never did thought to lower his gaze. His eyes became wild, gazing at female students. This goes on for almost six months, in an attempt to try and forget his cheating girlfriend. He had never realized anything. Nothing he learned from that incident.

Six months past, he already forgtten about his ex-girlfriend. It was in the middle of the night as he explored the internet wildly. He suddenly came across an Islamic article. That article was about the agony of death, hereafter and preparations before death. Again he felt the same shock as he did during the previous Hari Raya.

He lay down trying to shut his eyes. All of a sudden, he felt himself paralyzed, and having trouble breathing. He was sweating all over. He felt something scary coming towards him. It was excruciating, as if his flesh were being torn to pieces. Is this the end? Is this really time for me to go? he thought to himself. He knew it was time. He tried to recite the syahadah, but his tongue was all twisted. He ended up saying gibberish. He tried once more but failed again. But he didn't stop there. He kept trying, while he was sweating all over. But all of a sudden, he woke up screaming with half his voice. Thank God it was all a dream. He was sweating like never before.

He drank a glass of water to calm himself, then, went straight back to bed. He fell fast asleep. This was maybe because of exhaustion when facing such nightmare.

He woke up again to find out that he was burried underground. Could he be in a grave? he thought to himself. He heard footsteps that he knew he was supposed to be afraid of. And there stood a silhouette with a giant club made of iron. He was terrified. That being asked him questions with such anger and hatred. The voice was very scary, he trembled and could not answer. He wanted to give the correct answers but his mouth kept saying "I dont know," when he actually knew what he was supposed to say. He knew that this was one of those tortures in the hereafter.

A few uncountable beatings later, that silhouette was gone. He heard others screaming for help. It was excruciating to hear the others scream in agony, let alone being tortured himself. He felt the earth on either side of him squeezing him that he even felt his rib cages were interweaving. He screamed but it was no point, no one will save him. He also felt something slithering around him.
To his surprise it was a gigantic black snake binding around him. The eyes were glowing red. It spoke "You have forgotten about your fate, so have everyone else. God sent me to torture you until the day comes! This is one of the results in what you have done during your lifetime!"
The serpent bit him on the chest. He suddenly felt a burning sensation, and his throat suddenly felt dry. He felt that his body was rapidly dehydrating. He tried to scream but his voice wouldn't come out. The snake then turned and gazed at his head. It opened it's mouth to strike his head.

He suddenly woke up. It was actually another dream. "Astaghfirullah," he recited many times. Tears were running down. He could not stop the tears running from his eyes.
That was when he started to perform wudhu, and recited the quran that he rarely bothered to do. He also read the translation.

From now on, I'll be different. I'll do it now, for I don't know when my time is, he thought. He performed the Taubah prayer with tears still running down his cheek. The prayer mat was wet because of his tears. He asked for forgiveness from God, he was still crying because he was so scared.


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