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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fii usbu' al-Madhiy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikum semua..
Buat rakan2, ikhwah akhawat, pembaca setia, pembaca tak setia, dan para bloggers sekalian.Alhamdulillahi rabbil-'alamin, selawat dan salam setinggi-tinggi selawat kepda junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w yg tercinta.Segala puji bagi Allah, selaku rabbul 'alamin yg telah memanjangkan hayat ana sesaat demi sesaat utk ana teruskan perjuangan ana dalam menegakkan deen yang tercinta ini.
Dah genap 2 tahun ana menulis blog yang serba daif ni. Walaupun begitu, inilah salah satu alat yg ana gunakan untuk menyebarkan dakwah di muka bumi ini.

Amma ba'd..

Alhamdulillah, I praise Allah for giving me the chance to continue my writing. Thank Him for letting me live to see another day, where, He and only He has the power to do so with His will and His might.

What I have been through this week will be one of the most memorable moments ever recorded up here (and now I'm placing my hand on my chest). Why wouldn't it be? Well, during the previous "usrah" at rumah ikhwah, also known as RI, we had this long-long discussion. When suddenly one of the Akh stood up and held the opposites akh, hitting him with a book. Ok, to make this easier for evrybody to understand this story, I'll use names A and B.
Now, A stood up and in all of a sudden, he held up B's head and started hitting him gently with a book. I thought to myself, what the heck is he doing? Dia dah kene rasuk ke? And there it was, crawling on the floor. A large centipede (lipan). I'd like to name our poor little friend here Mr Lee (short for "lipan"). Well, everybody including B noticed it was a lipan, we all "lari lintang pukang". We all scattered and ran for the kitchen (mostly because we were scared). Who wouldn't be scared, that thing large. Its not the one that you'll find in domestic homes. Its the ones that you'll find in jungles and forest floors.
You know, what I'm saying here is that, this guy is HUGE. And there it crawled with its huge red body.

Our friend,A took a parang from the kitchen and killed Mr Lee. What suprised me is that even though Mr Lee had been chopped up into three, its legs were still moving. Thats what scared me the most.
So, for all this while Mr Lee had been crawling around B's body and he didnt even noticed that. So it turns out that A did not "kene rasuk".
That night, we were kind of sleepless because we feared that Mr Lee's friend will come and pay another visit.

Ok, during the weekends, we went to KL. We visited one of the "otai dakwah" who turned out to be one the pioneers of our dakwah. Then off to Senawang for a day-long daurah (seminar). After Asr prayer, we all gathered for a game of footy. That was when another incident happened. During a corner kick, one of the Akh jumped up and then fell onto my roght foot. And let me tell you something, with the product of his weight and the gravitational acceleration, g, it was a big blow for my right foot. That's one injury for me. then it was the moment where I tried to save the ball when another akh kicked the ball, and it seems that the ball was so fond of me that it decided to kiss me. The experience was undescribable. i became pening when the ball hit my face. But then I realised that I couldn't open my mouth "besar-besar". It might have done something to my jaw then. Well, another injury. But injury or no injury, I carried on playing. Who wouldn't when you don't have the time to excercise the whole week. So I used up that available time forthat purpose.

After that, nothing much happened. That night, when the daurah session ended, we all had dinner and headed home. I slept like a "mayat" inside the car, not knowing what was going on until we arrived at Parit Raja.

These experiences have taught me some lessons that insyaallah i will never forget.
From that encounter with Mr Lee, it showed me what true "brotherhood" is. Thanks to A, B didn't get bitten by Mr Lee. I myself had to be aware of what dangers lurk within. for in this path of dakwah, we will not know when we will fall under satan's trap. Satan's always trying to deviate us ni one way or another. Even through good deeds, satan can ruin our intention.

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave us nikmat everywhere. Our faith is a nikmat. The choice to take this path of dakwah is a nikmat. If He took only the smallest nikmat from us, life will be extremely difficult for us. As for me, I couldn't open my mouth "besar-besar" as a result of that ball hitting my face. I couldn't eat properly. I had to "suap" the food little by little, unlike the others. And it was somewhat painstaking that I had to do so.

Don't just say

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